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01.21.15   Too Incredible Not To Share

Too Incredible Not To Share

I am just always so overwhelmed when I received hand-written letter from those that I have helped in the past or present. This was just too incredible not to share with you. I hope that you’re having an incredible day!

Dear John Jubilee,

I wanted to let you know that Barry’s brother had a massive heart attack, age 59, Oct. 20th. He lost his other brother (Age 48), March of 2000 of aortic aneurism. He’s all alone now. I know this really doesn’t affect you all so much, but the reason I am telling you is because I am even more appreciative of John Jubilee for Barry’s behalf. He himself had two heart attacks 6 years ago. However, his last check-up was very good. His blood-work came back very god. For this I thank you. His parents have now buried two children. Barry is all they have left. Hopefully, thanks to John Jubilee, he will be around longer.


Thank you,