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11.13.14   The Benefits of Carnitine

The Benefits of Carnitine

Fitness gurus for years have been singing the praises of carnitine. However for the rest of the population, carnitine may seem like a foreign word in your vocabulary. However carnitine has been proven to have great benefits when it comes to weight loss and increasing energy levels. Carnitine, an amino acid, is made from methionine and lysine. It comes in various forms wit one of the most popular varieties being L-Carnitine. An article in The Journal of Physiology showed that taking carnitine greatly improved athletic performance. In addition carnitine is beneficial in the following areas: • Help Burn More Fat – Carnitine helps the cells transport fat which is used for energy. When your muscles have carnitine stored in them it enhances the fat burning process. This will assist as well in increasing your overall energy level. When you combine carnitine with Omega-3 fish oil you enhance the fat burning process even more. When you take carnitine in a supplement form you need insulin in order for it to absorb properly in the body. Omega-3 help the body synthesize the supplement so you get optimal fat burning and energy. • Improve Recovery – When you train your body needs ample time to recover. By taking carnitine your support your body’s anabolic response and thus reduce the amount of muscle pain and you begin to feel energized faster. • Assists with Diabetes Treatment and Prevention – Carnitine has been studied for years and has been shown to help in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Carnitine has antioxidants properties that have proven to be combatants to diabetes. Plus with its fat fighting properties, carnitine helps keep weight down which is a critical factor in many suffering from diabetes. • Helps with Fertility – Studies have shown that men who are fertile have high levels of carnitine while men who were infertile had lower levels of carnitine in their system. Getting adequate supplies of carnitine helps with healthier sperm production and thus enhancing fertility in males. • Improves Skin – Carnitine can also be found in a variety of creams. These creams have shown to help reduce the amount of oil that is released through the pores. The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology highlighted a study that that highlighted these results. Less oil production means smoother overall skin appearance. • Promote Better Sleep – Various studies have been performed on those who are constantly tired. The results have shown that those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome have low levels of carnitine. Adding carnitine may help alleviate some of these symptoms. In addition clinical trials in patients with cancer have shown reduced fatigue symptoms when carnitine was added to their daily regimen. Carnitine when added as a part of a healthy diet and nutrition plan can enhance your overall well-being. It has numerous benefits that can enhance a person’s quality of life. Whether it’s getting a better night’s sleep and not feeling tired all day to improving your skin and losing weight, carnitine is good for you.