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12.23.14   Ten Reasons Why I Chose the Ten Technologies!

Ten Reasons Why I Chose the Ten Technologies!

Let’s get real people. We are constantly bombarded by television, social media, and Hollywood to have picture-perfect, physically unattainable, photo-shopped bodies. Night after night, we sit on the couch, watching perfect models stroll across our television screen while devouring our fifth piece of double-the-cheese Papa John’s pizza. At some point, we all get tired of the struggle. We long to look like the gods and goddesses we see, but with our busy schedules, stressful relationships, and the irresistible smorgasbord of gourmet food that is available at the snap of a finger, we fail. And we fail again. And again. Finally, we convince ourselves that the standard of perfection that the untouchables have attained is just that-untouchable. That was my mindset when I met John Jubilee. I had nothing to lose and everything to lose. So I took a leap. I jumped off the cliff. I decided to believe one more time that something would work. And guess what? It did. I lost 15 inches and 3 dress sizes in 4 weeks. I actually had abs, and I walked down the aisle looking like those people on TV I had always thought were impossible to look like. So why do John Jubilee’s 10 technologies work when others don’t? Why are there thousands of success stories and before and after pictures? Well, I thought about it, and I came up with ten reasons why!

  • First, I love to eat. Food is a comfort to me. It is my best friend at the end of a long, hard day. The steaming carbohydrates, juicy steaks, and my pot of coffee keep me going. They are my companions. I simply cannot forsake them and leave them behind. With John Jubilee’s 88 day program, you don’t have to! I ate all day long, and even had a snack before bedtime. After the 88 days was over, I could eat whatever I wanted because my body had become a fat burning machine! Bring on the pizza people! And bring on the 14-yr-old metabolism when I could eat seconds and thirds and it would burn right through me. A Whole New World from Aladdin is playing in my head..
  • Second, I hate to exercise. I have always been taught that a great body could only be achieved through pain. To be honest, I hate pain. I don’t enjoy it. I’m not one of those workout freaks who “enjoys the burn.” One of those skinny little women who came out of the womb with a perfectly chisled body and eats like a bird. I don’t enjoy running, I don’t enjoy weight lifting, frankly, I would rather be home reading a good book or stalking a frienemy on facebook! On the 88 day program, I did one exercise every day, and I even had a day off. The best part is, I did the exercise in front of my TV in my socks and pajamas! Yes, it was that easy. No insane workouts bending my body or feeling like my lungs were about to explode. No running or jumping jacks or heavy breathing. Just an episode of Law and Order and then it was done! And I saw my body change every day. The progress was incredible because it was so effortless!
  • Third, I am very busy. I am a type A, over achiever, thrive-on-massive-amounts-of-stress kind of a girl. When I started the 88 day transformation, I had 3 jobs while planning a wedding! I didn’t have hours to spend in the gym. In fact, I was lucky to get to work on time at 8am after stopping at McDonald’s for my morning iced coffee. What I love about the 88 day transformation is the fact that NOTHING CHANGED. I didn’t have to change my daily routine at all. I still went to McDonald’s in the morning, and I still ate Taco Bell for lunch! Now don’t get the wrong impression, I didn’t gorg myself on chocolate cake all day while sitting behind a desk, but the point I’m trying to make is that it was easy. Did I mention it was easy? I worked three jobs and still ate all day and still dropped three dress sizes. I felt like superwoman! In other words, YOU CAN DO THIS!
  • Fourth, there was lots of support and encouragement. Now, we have all been known to jump on the latest band wagon, only to jump off at the first bump in the road. John Jubilee was there to give me a high five, a word of encouragement, and help me celebrate the little successes. At my four week evaluation, we danced around the scale like natives around a campfire, celebrating my 15% increase in hydration. The staff at John Jubilee Transformations is always there with a word of encouragement and advice, and you receive an encouraging video every day from the man himself. It’s pretty difficult to quit when everyone is so excited about your success!
  • Fifth, it started working immediately. I am the queen of swallowing the latest gimmick hook, line, and sinker. I’ve tried it all! The Atkins high-protein diet ended me in the emergency room after I ate steak, cheese, and sour cream for a solid 10 days. Hey, I lost 8 pounds though! That’s good right? Even though I can’t walk…? The 500 calorie starvation diet lasted about 3 hours for me, since I already mentioned how much I love food. I’ve even tried throwing up after binging on chicken casserole and mac and cheese! All of these worked for a day or two, but every time I was right back where I started, or worse. The John Jubilee transformations started working IMMEDIATELY. My clothes became looser, muscle tone started showing up, and I felt like a new person the first week. I remember my mom literally screaming and saying “O my word! What are you doing!!!! You look amazing!!!!” That was week two. And the great thing is, it happens for everyone, not just the genetically lucky people!
  • Sixth, the health benefits. Let’s be honest, when I started the program, I didn’t care about hydration, bone mass, or cellular health. I cared about looking good. But I found out that feeling good and looking good are not always the same. I recently met with a body builder who told me the day he won the body building championship was the most unhealthy day of his life! He was full of hormones, steroids, and completely dehydrated to make his muscles pop out! The “Beautiful people” on television are usually plagued with dehydration, drug abuse, eating disorders, depression, and medications of all kinds. I found out that looking good is a SIDE EFFECT of feeling good! When your body is fully hydrated and healthy on a cellular level, your eyes are glowing, there is a spring in your step, and you look better than ever. That’s when people start to notice. And that’s when you begin to transform!
  • Seventh, others began to notice. Okay, let’s be honest, we all want other people to think we are beautiful. Why do we spend so much money on clothing, perfume, personal hygiene, hair treatments, teeth whitener, waxing, tanning, nails….the list goes on and on. America is visually oriented. On facebook and Instagram, the world is watching each other! We all try not to be “that girl” with the annoying bathroom mirror selfie, but let’s face it, we all feel proud when we are tagged in a great picture on facebook! When you start to transform, people will notice. And they will tell you. My friends, family, and especially my fiancé were wowed with my progress, and couldn’t say enough about how great I was looking. That kept me going and motivated me to be the best me I could be, and to find my genetic blueprint. I was no longer trying to cover up with makeup and big hair…I felt beautiful all the time, just me!  Because I was doing what it took to transform. I was proud of me, and others were too!
  • Eighth, it lasted. I’m sure you’re thinking, Okay, the 88 day program sounds great, but what about after the 88 days? That’s when the rubber hits the road. In the words of John Jubilee himself, “Every diet works-for a minute.” The 88 days is when you build your house. You follow the ten technologies religiously, and do your exercise 6 days a week. Although it is simple, it is still a plan that has to be followed EXACTLY as spelled out in the manual. After the 88 days is over, I graduated to the “Maintenance phase.” It is much easier to maintain a house than to build it! Once it is build, you just change the filters, cut the grass, and add a few pretty pictures to the walls! I’ll cut to the chase and give you the facts. I did my exercise 3 days a week for 20 minutes, and ate whatever I wanted. I still watched out for sugar, but on the weekends I am known to binge on macaroni and cheese, bread, and the nearest hibachi grill! I did not gain back ONE POUND until I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter. That’s pretty good for eating whatever I want! You get the idea-the weight that is lost, stays lost. You would have to work pretty hard to find it!
  • Ninth, it is expensive. Now I know you’re thinking, I thought this was a list of positive things about the 88 day Transformation!?  I didn’t say they were all positive, I said I would tell you why I chose it! When I found out the price, I sweated a little. I was saving for a wedding, a honeymoon, and a new home with the love of my life. I was afraid to spend that much money on ME. But then I realized that I was worth it, and I took the plunge. Once I paid and walked out of the office, I was instantly hit with buyer’s remorse. I was scared. I was afraid it wouldn’t work, or I wouldn’t follow through, or that it was a program that would work for everyone but me. Honestly, that first week, I wanted to quit. I was depressed. But do you know what kept me going? The amount of money I paid! I didn’t want to waste that much money and not give the program an honest try. It is easy to buy a bottle of diet pills for $30 and forget to take them, but when you give up a large sum of money, YOU WILL TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! And I did. And the second week, my results were unbelievable. I was off to the races! But, if I had not made a financial sacrifice, I’m not so sure I would have pushed through those first few days of insecurity and fear.
  • Finally, I have a story to tell the world. I did the program, I conquered the program, and now I have a story to tell. The results that people have had on the 88 day transformation are so incredible that each transformer has an unbelievable story of success. I watched a man stand up at a John Jubilee Transformations meeting with tears running down his face, and hold up a picture of his granddaughter. He told the story of how he would roll out of bed onto his knees every morning just to start the day. He lost almost 200 lbs of fat, and the transformation saved his life. I sat there and wept with him, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. My story is not as drastic as his, but each transformer can identify with the small or gigantic hurdles we have overcome, and we are now living in the light of victory. The 88 day John Jubilee Transformation not only transforms your body, it transforms your soul. You can achieve what seems impossible, and John Jubilee has made it possible for people like you and me. It is simple, scientific, and sustainable. It really, truly works. So start your journey today. I’ll be waiting at the finish line, arms stretched, to welcome you to the John Jubilee nation! See you there!