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12.23.13   Reinventing Kenny - WEEK 5 - PHOTO PROGRESS REPORT!!

Reinventing Kenny - WEEK 5 - PHOTO PROGRESS REPORT!!


Kenny Progress Report
Kenny Progress Report


Since we were unable to get an accurate reading on my weight until almost two weeks in (where I first registered on a scale at 445.6 lbs), we were able to reverse calculate my approximate start weight at the beginning based upon a couple of factors, 1) how much weight I have been consistently losing each day 2) the fact that typically one inch of loss is equal to approximately 10lbs of fat.

That being said, my start weight was WAY more than I originally thought… over 465lbs!! 

So at week #5… My average weight loss has been 1.3 lbs per day. In 5 weeks I have lost, at minimum, 47 lbs of FAT… I have gone down 5.5 inches in my belly AND in my waist!! 

Friends… I have lost more weight in 35 days eating healthy and never being hungry than I did when I went without ANY FOOD for 55 days on a water fast!!!! (read my story at:

And you want to know something? It’s easy! Compared to all the failed ‘diets’ and ‘quick fixes’ i’ve done over the years… Thanks to following the John Jubilee Transformation program, I am never hungry, I feel vibrant and ALIVE again… and while I still have A LONG WAYS TO GO… I am motivated, I am inspired and I AM MOVING FORWARD in changing my life… Thank you for your love and support and feel free to share these results with everyone… you have been my inspiration and I can only hope that my journey will inspire others to reinvent themselves and rediscover that new, healthier person we all are capable of being!! 

This journey continues…

~ Kenny Saylors

Dec. 16, 2013

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