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10.27.14   Ah, with colds and flu season near…meet your winter friend Vitamin C

Ah, with colds and flu season near…meet your winter friend Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been revered as a major benefit to the human body. Studies over the years have enhanced the reasons why it is beneficial to get adequate amounts of vitamin C. Some of these benefits include: As you can see vitamin C has numerous health benefits. From helping the skin to helping in the treatment of diseases or the symptoms of those diseases, vitamin C is an important component to the body’s overall well-being. 

  • Help When You Have a Cold – Vitamin C has always played a vital role in the treating the symptoms of colds. Studies have shown that when vitamin C is taken during a cold, the symptoms, severity and duration of the cold decreased. You probably didn’t know that vitamin C is a natural antihistamine. 
  • Treatment of Skin Issues – Vitamin C has long been used for the treatment of various skin issues. Many of today’s most popular skin creams and treatments actually contain vitamin C in them. That’s because vitamin C has helped in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, helps improve the skins elasticity and it also gives the skin a healthy glow. 
  • Wound Care – Collagen is found in the various connective tissues of the body including the skin, muscles, tendons, etc. Since vitamin C is an important part in helping the body produce collagen therefore it plays a vital role in helping the body heal when there is a wound. 
  • Helps with Stress – Vitamin C is good for your brain as well as the central nervous system. It has been proven that vitamin C therefore helps in reducing g the effects of stress. 
  • Reduction of Cholesterol – Vitamin C has been shown to help reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood. That’s because vitamin C helps convert cholesterol to bile salts which as eliminated easily from the body thus helping to keep cholesterol levels down. 
  • Good Blood Flow – The body needs good blood flow in order to maintain life. Vitamin C has shown to help improve dilation of the blood thus helping to prevent problems and the symptoms of heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc. In addition vitamin C also has antioxidant properties. It helps with reducing free radicals in the body which play a role in heart attacks and strokes. 
  • Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels – While some people with diabetes think that they can consume foods that contain vitamin C the truth is they can. That’s because vitamin C has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels which can actually help diabetes sufferers. 
  • Helps Cancer Sufferers – Vitamin C can help in cancer treatment by enhancing treatments like chemotherapy. By assisting these treatment methods, vitamin C can help can sufferers greatly. 
  • Help with Neurological Disorders – According to a German study, patients suffering from dementia showed low levels of vitamin C in their system. Raising the levels of vitamin C can help in reducing some of the symptoms of those suffering from illnesses like dementia and other neurological disorders. 
  • Help with Arthritis Symptoms – We know that vitamin C helps with collagen production. When collagen is destroyed by cartilage stress that’s when arthritis occurs. Thus enhancing the vitamin C levels in the body can help reduce the level of arthritis pain and inflammation.