08.10.14    What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

​People sometimes ask me if “John Jubilee” is my ‘real name’... Well, thought I’d just share this picture for some fun! Enjoy!

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07.15.14    Update.. Jonathan just keeps on losing!

Update.. Jonathan just keeps on losing!

You all may have read about Jonathan’s success as few weeks ago on the blog. If you didn’t read that post you may read it here: 


Well, that was Day 55 and now he is on Day 78 and here are the results:

Day 78

84lbs fat lost!


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07.12.14    I’ve Built My House

I’ve Built My House

​In the billion dollar ‘diet’ industry there is a belief that eating food that tastes like cardboard and never have an ice cream cone again will keep you thin. Well, I agree with that ! But who the heck wants to eat like that for the rest of your...

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06.28.14    Being Unhealthy Can Cost You Money

Being Unhealthy Can Cost You Money

Clarian Health is taking a novel approach to reducing health-care costs: It’s penalizing workers for indicators of poor health

For employees at Clarian Health, feeling the burn of trying to lose weight will take on new meaning.

In late June, the...

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