01.21.15    Too Incredible Not To Share

Too Incredible Not To Share

I am just always so overwhelmed when I received hand-written letter from those that I have helped in the past or present. This was just too incredible not to share with you. I hope that you’re having an incredible day!

Dear John Jubilee,


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01.09.15    New Year’s Revolution

New Year’s Revolution

Let’s just clear the air. You have made a resolution and you realize that these things fail (usually within the first week). It’s just like the hype before a movie comes out or the weeks preceding an Apple press conference. It is just you and...

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12.23.14    Ten Reasons Why I Chose the Ten Technologies!

Ten Reasons Why I Chose the Ten Technologies!

Let’s get real people. We are constantly bombarded by television, social media, and Hollywood to have picture-perfect, physically unattainable, photo-shopped bodies. Night after night, we sit on the couch, watching perfect models stroll across our...

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11.13.14    The Benefits of Carnitine

The Benefits of Carnitine

Fitness gurus for years have been singing the praises of carnitine. However for the rest of the population, carnitine may seem like a foreign word in your vocabulary. However carnitine has been proven to have great benefits when it comes to weight...

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