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John Jubilee is the Inventor and Developer of John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation™ Experience . The Jubilee Formulas™ are simple. It is because of this simplicity that it is the answer for your transformation needs. So let me ask you, “What diet works?” The answer, they all do...for a while. You can and will lose weight on any diet. But the goal is to not just lose weight but to lose fat. I personally lost five pounds of muscle on a diet. I weighed less...and looked worse.

This program will take off the fat and build your body’s true genetic blueprint of muscle. Your genetic blueprint is the optimum amount of muscle programmed into your genes if you ate and trained with excellence. Your Transformation Experience will also teach you how to maintain and keep your new, real body. That’s why we don’t call it a diet; we call it transformation.

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I have 100 lbs to lose, I've tried everything. Can you help me?

Yes absolutely! The information that I provide is the step-by-step recipe for successfully achieving your body’s true genetic blueprint. The Program is Simple, Optimal and Sustainable. We have developed the world’s most comprehensive and successful optimal health and wellness program available today. No restrictive diets, no painful exercise, no need to go to gyms (unless you choose to).

What is the transformation?

There are two phases to your Transformation Experience™. The first phase, what we’ll call “Building the House” is getting back to your body’s true genetic blueprint. The second phase, what we’ll call “Maintaining the House” is maintaining your achievement for life.

Has anyone ever received a money back guarantee?

The John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation™ Experience is 100% guaranteed to work. YOUR SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED! This powerful program has never failed one man or woman of any size, shape or age - as long as they followed the program 100%. Participants must commit to the program as outlined 100% in order to qualify for a money back guarantee. Any deviation from the program will alter your personal results.