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John Jubilee motivates, encourages, and educates one person at a time to get healthy on a Cellular Level.

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What is Jubilee Transformation?

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04.22.14    Woman ditches diets, loses 160 pounds - CNN

Woman ditches diets, loses 160 pounds - CNN

While she is not one of our transformers…she shares the John Jubilee philosophy when it comes to diets… they all work for awhile but ultimately d-i-e-t is a four letter word for failure. Read more about her triumph and be inspired to make a change...

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04.06.14    The Terrible Side Effects of Transformation - Brenda Carey

04.04.14    Spiced Quinoa Recipe by Gary Maddox - “Everybody I meet thinks I am 45 years old…”

04.01.14    Only 8 Weeks… Debra’s Transformation!

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The John Jubilee Story

John experienced the decline of his own health, as a busy father of three and businessman in his mid-30's. He developed typical joint pains, including: “bankers-belly and man- boobs”. He knew he needed to find a way to get fit and stay fit, yet do so with limited time and effort and without major dietary restrictions or extreme exercise. 

Thus began John’s adventure in life and his own personal physical transformation. As John researched and studied health and wellness, he discovered that confusing misinformation and hidden truths were common place. John also learned that most people were just like him; they wanted a simple, “all-natural” process to regain healthy weight levels that could also sustain for a lifetime without experiencing an endless road of confusing and...

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